Always Close The Bathroom Door

That’s our rule, K and B remember that. Sometime we forget, K will close the door right after he notices but B will not. What will happen?

S will walk into bathroom, even though its light is off. Then open the closet cover, and splash… splash… we will hear that happy splash sound. Panicly, i will come and say NO and give him explanation. Pick S up, wash his hand, and change his dress. Now, S gives funny reaction when he knows i come: splashing even harder and happier, scream, and laugh with happy face.

Another funny thing is when B knows S is doing that. B will come to me, naughty smile and say: “baby, look baby funny…”
That is my entertainment 🙂


Author: aku, si ibu

Hanya aku... ya aku... siapa lagi :)

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