Pumpkin Patch

Fall is here. Officially September 22nd is the first day of fall. But the weather was coming earlier than that, i suppose. The cold night, breeze wind in the morning, changing color of leaves, and of course: pumpkin and the color of it is on every displays!

Pumpkin is one of my favorite on the Fall. Beside degradation of leaves changing color and little bit colder wind make me feel very cozy on my warm outfit. So, visiting pumpkin patch is our first choice right away on its opening. Within 9 years in a row, Rombach’s farm is the only choice. It is large and tidy display, large field, many kind and size of pumpkin, many kids activities. And of course it is free for only entering the farm. We need to pay only if we buy pumpkin, some food or drink, some kids activities or ride. There also available cute simple orange wagon to be pulled around carrying pumpkins we will buy.

The first time we know about the farm was just by accident. We passed by for little trip, looking for beautiful scene of autumn around chesterfield airport. Then there were! Pumpkin everywhere. The giants caught our eyes. So, we visit it every year from only two of us, a tiny baby inside my belly, one baby, another baby in my belly, another kid, another baby… and also with my parents during their visit. What a wonderful 9 years!

Having picture of kids in pumpkin patch always cute. But kids not always look fun for picture 😉 They just cant wait to play in the playground. Or they just want to run around, lifting some pumpkins and throw it everywhere. As they grow, they also start to complain about the smell of mushy pumpkin in the field. While their parents, us, willing to take picture as much as we can. LOL.

We visit the farm this year and also last year is in the first day of their opening. We notice the pumpkin is not much as we saw years before. We even did not see the giants pumpkin that usually they put in the front. And the worst thing this year, the biggest pyramid was only half full!

Was it because the first day? they not ready? We must back sometime to check it out.


Author: aku, si ibu

Hanya aku... ya aku... siapa lagi :)

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